Gotcha - Uniforms - Rubber - Chains - Fisting - Mud Fucking. At the desolate military barracks a gang of skinheads lives out their sexual fantasies. In 1997 Cazzo’s first film of the harder core sort became one of the most successful films of this relatively young company. The interest was so great that the director, Hans Peter Hagan, immediately started working on the next of three planned segments of his SM Fantasy. This resulted in ORIGINAL OPTIONS (1998), DEVIANT DETOURS (Januar 2001) and ARTIFFIC ATTACKS (2003). Press response in gay-press.de, April 2001: AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES When AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES came on the market in 1997, the name Cazzo suddenly became the mark of quality for unusual hardcore films made in Germany. AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES isn’t clean, correct or even especially well photographed. None-the-less, Hans-Peter Hagan’s fetish fantasy conveys such a rubber- smooth mood that it instantly became the nonplus ultra for insiders. Mud, bondage and submission effectively draw in the TV voyeur. Before you know it the lines get blurred; even the non-fetishist can barely resist the suggestive powers of this film. Thom Barron (then a rising a star in porn heaven) exposes his heat pipe rather seldom, but compensates by displaying his lovely, long back. The young, nearly boyish (and juicy) Jens Hammer makes up for it by getting a wild go at Barron. Boasting a nose ring, Leeroy licks off an utterly peak performance. The DVD release of this " fetish classic " proves to be rich entertainment for a below the belt film: with plenty to click buttons open. The menu listings as well offer even the seasoned porno viewer an eyeful. A real bonus is the 12 -minute look behind the scenes is that challenges the typical preconceptions about the porn business. An original idea that deserves to be copied. All in all, an excellent re-release that uses the new DVD technology with playful ease.

Runtime: 78 min