Summer in southern Europe – Young hunks with rippling muscles and twitching cocks. They don't want to lazily lie in the sun. They only want one thing: SEX! But on this vacation island the paradise is deceiving. Attractive men are disappearing never to be heard from nor seen again. Anthony and Christopher take a break to fuck on the rocky coast and apparently they attract a few voyeurs, but again, not all is as it seems. Among the watchers is Mike. He kidnaps Anthony and brings him to his boss’s house, the mysterious Raphael. Raphael enjoys watching as the über-horny Mike rapes Anthony in the cellar of the villa. Both enjoy the power they have over their drugged victim. As Christopher tries to free his friend he also falls prey to Mike and receives a similar treatment. The next two victims are soon spotted. Patrik has just fucked the living daylights out of the sweet hitchhiker Florian outdoors, but then their car breaks down. Unknowingly they seek assistance at the villa of horrors. While Patrik watches the hunky brothers Igor and Nicolai toughen each other up and widen each others’ holes Florian begins to become suspicious. In the cellar he finds the gruesome, sperm-soaked truth.

Runtime: 98 min