Expect a typical prison film and you’re on the wrong track. Cazzo’s newest buddy film plays not behind bars, but on the run. Two horny convicts are chased across open country by the police. Cuffed together hand and foot they make their get away, bound so close by their chains they can barely run, let alone have a moment of privacy. No wonder these two studs can’t keep their hands off each other. On a farm they find a willing stableboy who helps release them from their chains. As thanks the boy has to take it from behind. Believe it or not, the ensuing threesome turns him into a true submissive. The police have their own allure: two hot hunks in uniform have it off after first taking a long piss together. Too bad for them that the prisoners are a step ahead of the game: they attack the cops, fuck them good and hard and steal their uniforms. A perfect camouflage for their escape. That’s how one cop ends up standing naked on the side of the road, hitching for a ride. He finds it all right: a wet and sticky one! Policeman number two gets the hard end of the stick: he has to submit to the jailbirds and the even the stableboy- who draws the best out of him. To top it off, there’s the stable boss and a decadent tourist couple who get messy with the delicacies in their Escape in Chains offers incredibly hot sex and is a pleasure to watch. Shot almost entirely in the natural green beauty of Brandenburg, this film stands out with well-hung, manly men, some with hairy chests. The food smearing sequence is styled after 91/2 Weeks and is one of the hottest scenes Cazzo has ever come up with.

Runtime: 84 min