Dennis has just arrived in prison and it isn’t long before he learns about the sex and violence of everyday prison life. Here the men are under constant pressure. At night the guards pick fresh meat out of the cells to fuck. And behind the cell doors even the hardest of criminals fuck each other’s holes sloppy. Naturally there is a strict pecking order. On top of the heap is the gang leader, Lutz. At the bottom is Kevin, who quickly earns the nickname 'pussy'. He must keep his head very still for the humiliating games of 'golf' - who lands their spit deepest down his throat? Who has the best aim pissing into his mouth? Later poor Kevin is bartered off in the yard as a sex slave. But behind bars there can even be true love – Dennis is really into Mike, a black inmate from the next cellblock. Lutz of course doesn’t like that and Dennis pays the price when the whole gang rapes him in the shower. But Mike's revenge is shocking and terrible. And Dennis and Mike are finally left alone and able to fuck each others brains out.

Runtime: 92 min