It’s Darren’s first day on the job as an apprentice and one thing is clear: there’s not much work going on in this body shop. While he’s tinkering with a car, Justin and Rafael decide to have a go with him. First they stuff his face to the hilt with their fat Latino cocks. Then, after getting him warmed up with a stick shift they take turns fucking him. The customer service couldn’t be better: Andreas was actually just hoping to pick up his motorcycle - but before you know it he has Mo’s steel-hard cock in his box, then some dildos and finally a whole hand! Fred, the hyper-horny boss orders some tasty beefcake for an after-hours foursome on the grease rack. Turned on to the hilt, Darren has a wild night at home with his partner. The next day Fred wants to find out what his new employee can really handle, and that is just what Darren has been waiting for. Greedy for it, he gets his hole eaten out and on the car hood his boss finishes the job. Fuckin' til the pipes smoke!

Runtime: 92 min