691541 – LUTHANDO



Today the Boer is going to get fucked! Whether it’s the potion or the African magic, the horrible white man remains lifeless on the floor and Luthando, the black farm boy, must flee. Where to? To Cape Town, naturally, the capital of gay sex! This is where tourists and locals fuck through the beds and over the sofas – and the obligatory pool boy does what a pool boy must: he bends over! After the magic ritual the randy Horn of Africa towers from the ashes of the campfire affecting everyone with its power. Luthando’s horn turns township bars into steaming orgy rooms and macho cops into willing fuck holes. Only Fred knows how to tame the power of the horn and African magic rescues love – and Luthando’s life. Sven Jungbluth’s second film, after the award-winning homage to Berlin “Thom Barron Calling/Countdown”, is the first real gay porno from South Africa. Filmed on location in and around Cape Town, this lavish bacchanalia of images presents black and white African sex gods along with famous Cazzo stars like Fred Faurtin, Christoph Scharff and Tim Vinzent. And again the horny sex scenes are accompanied by a slew of crazy ideas that make Sven Jungbluth’s films so unusual and entertaining. Carlos Leon celebrates his superb porno debut in the role of the farm boy Luthando – the Xhosa word for love!

Runtime: 106 min